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This information is a combination of our experiance, information provided by suppliers of fake tanning products and advice from other parties.

There is no doubt that a healthy looking tan looks good, however it is important to be careful.

We are not medical experts and do not have any reliable information that provides the comparitive risk of tanning using the sun, sunbeds or fake tanning creams, sprays or makeup. If you would like to know more about this please do your own research.

This information in is intended to help you with some tips that will help you to get an even natutal looking tan.

Digital fake tanning - the only truly 100% risk free option

We start with Digital fake tanning because it is the only truly 100% risk free option. The reason it is 100% risk free is that the Digital fake tan is added on the computer.

There are a number of reasons why Digital fake tanning may be used including:

  • You are allergic to tanning products.
  • You have a skin condition that prevents sufficient exposure to the sun or tanning lights.
  • You have a great photograph (possibly your wedding photographs) but look too pale.
  • You have a group photograph that is spoiled by someone who is very pale.

Digital fake tanning provides the opportunity for anyone to have healthy looking pictures without any risk. Like most forms of tanning, adding a digital tan has a cost implication relating to the work required to do the digital editing. For more information on airbrushing and digital image editing click here.


At the outset, we need to point out that you should read the instructions provided with any product you intend to use, also check the ingeredients do not contain substances that you may be alergic to. We also suggest that when trying a new product that you test it on a small area first just to check that you do not have any reaction. If you are in any doubt, consult an expert or your doctor for advice.

We do not accept any responsibility for any anything that may happen either directly or indirectly as a result of reading or using the information contained on this page. If you are not prepaired to accept this please close this page now.

How to achieve the perfect fake tan starts with preperation.

A word of warning about special events.
If you have a special event (a wedding, photo shot etc) that you are tanning for, do not make the mistake of using a new product(s) a few hours before the event. Start about a month or longer before the event and start by doing a very small test to ensure you do not react to the fake tanning product or products. See how it looks on your skin, does the color suit you? By starting a month or more before a special event you have time to ensure that you will look great on the day.

Like most things preperation is everything.

  • Step 1) Select the right type of product for your needs. There are creams and sprays that can be applied by yourself but if you are looking for an all over tan it is better to ask your partner or friend to help with difficult to reach areas. In addition some tanning shops have spray booths where you can be sprayed by a professional. Even if you are being tanned by a professional, test their services a month or two before the event so that you are sure that you are happy with the effect.
  • Step 2) Shave or wax, if required at least the day before application.
  • Step 3) Exfoliate your sking to remove any loose or rough skin.
  • Step 4) Moisturise your skin particularly on elbows, knees, heels and knuckles.
  • Step 5) When tanning the body Work from the feet and work updards. It is important to apply the tanning product as evenly as possible over the skin, at areas such as knuckles, elbows, knees and heels apply a little more sparingly. Apply a little extra on light areas such as stretchmarks or cellulite areas.
  • Step 6) Work right up to the hair line. If you are using a spray try wrapping your hair in a cloth so the spray does not cover your hair.
  • Step 7) Wash your hands and soles of your feet after applying the tanning product.

A word of caution about dark tanning products.

If you have light colored skin, it is generally better to apply a number of applications of a lighter tanning product than fewer applications of a dark tanning product. This has two major benefits firstly you will find it easier to get a more even tan and secondly you will be able to gradually build up the color until you achieve the required color.

Tanning products.

While the products available in your area may vary here are a few options you can consider:

  • San Tropez Everyday
  • Decleor Perfect Sculpt Firming Gel-Cream Natural Glow
  • Fake Bake gold - Anti-oxidants pomegranate and green tea
  • Ambre Solaire Dry Face Mist
  • L'oreal Paris Glam Bronze
  • Hand cream and coffee

Makeup options include.

  • Chanel Bronzer
  • L'oreal Glam Bronze for legs
  • Guerlain Terracotta Moisturizing Bronzing Spray
  • Clarins Multi-blush

Making your own tanning cream

This is a low cost do it yourself method you can use to make a fake tanning cream that gives quick results.

Take a suitable quantity of hand cream to cover the area required (probably half a cup for a full body tan) and add some very finely ground coffee (real coffee). Add the coffee a bit at a time and mix thoughly and do a small test to get the color you would like.

Note you may be able to use other ingredents in place of the hand cream (i.e. Olive oil) and coffee to get a similar result.

A bad tan is worse than no tan.

Tans that make you look unnatural are a desaster and should be avoided. Ensure that your tan is even, the color looks natural on you and it blends naturally around the hair line.

Do not forget that your tan should look good from any angle.

  • At a wedding the back of your neck may be visible when dancing and you do not want a line to show where you did not tan.
  • On a photo shoot the underside of your feet may be visible, make sure that your tan is even there too.
  • If you are doing a nude photo shoot or will be wearing something skimpy, ensure you tan evenly everywhere.

Make up tips.

In general do not use heavy make up. A natural look is generally better unless a specific look is required. Using a lighter shade around the eyes is generally advised (lightening under the eyes is recommended if the skin color under the eyes is darker). If you have any wrinkles or lines you would like to hide you can try products like Sheercover.

Meeting your requirements

While we hope that the information we have provided above has been of help to you, we appreciate that everyone's requirements are different and invite you to contact us about your specific needs, or call on 01494 721739 for more information.

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