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Pet portrait photography

Our pets provide us with unconditional love, affection, endless hours of fun and enjoyment. Our pet portrait photography service allows us to capture images of your pets that you can have framed or mounted on trendy canvas and treasured forever.

We are able to take professional photographs of most pets and take the same amount of care when taking pictures of your pet, as when doing portraiture of people. At a photo shoot we will typically take both pictures of your pet alone and some with you or another family member. For more information please give us a call.


While we tailor our photographic services to meet your requirements, our great prices make having professional photographs affordable and easy, for both individuals and businesses. We have included some pricing information below as a guide but invite you to contact us to discuss your requirements.

Special package for portraits taken at our studio.

Our special portraiture package includes portraiture for you and your pet.

We tailor each portrait session to accommodate your individual needs. When photographing pets we can take formal pictures however you will be asked to position your pet in the stance you require. For candid pictures of your pet or you and your pets we will normaly engage your pet in some form of activity that they enjoy.

Our special package includes:

  • A half hour studio shoot.
  • Typically we will take about 20 pictures during the half hour session.
  • A 12 x 8 inch sized photo (other sizes available on request) quality print of your selected image.
  • We include basic image enhancement for the selected image.

You get all this for just £35.00

During the photo session we will take a number of images and aim to capture a number of quality images for you to treasure. With pet portrait photography there are however numerous factors that affect capturing a great images. If we are unable to capture a great portrait image during the photo session we can either extend the photo shoot session (if the studio is available) or schedule a second session at a convenient time.

We can arrange a photo shoot at a convenient time for you including evenings and weekends.

The £35.00 is payable when you book your photo shoot. We provide a full money back guarantee if we are unable to capture a portrait image that you will treasure, providing you turn up at the scheduled time and make adequate preparations for the photo shoot. We have provided a FREE guide to help you prepare for your portrait session, while this is aimed at people you should prepair your pet as if you are entering your pet in Crufts. Ensure your pet is washed and brushed, nails trimmed etc.

See below for pricing on additional prints and other media such as canvases.

Pricing for sessions at your home of other suitable location.

If you would like us to photograph your pet outside the studio we are happy to provide you with a price for doing this. The price for outside photo shoots is based on our studio pricing and additional costs involved in traveling, time and any additional expenses such as entrance fees, hire of rooms etc. For locations where permission needs to be obtained to take pictures, sufficient advance warning needs to be provided for us to obtain such permission.

Longer portrait sessions.

We provide longer portrait sessions for situations where more flexibility or time is required. Typically these sessions will take from 1 to 3 hours. The increased time, allows for more variations to be explored, than when using the special portrait option that is limited to half an hour.

The main reasons for using a longer session include:

  • You have a number of diffent situations.
  • You have a number of family members that you would like photographing with your pet(s).
  • You would like more setups than can be accommodated in a shorter session.

Studio time £20.00 / hr
Basic image enhancement £5.00 / image enhanced.
For photographic prints and canvases please see below.

We can arrange a photo shoot at a convenient time for you including evenings and weekends.

Booking us

To book a session, simply give us a ring on 01494 7211739 or email us. We can discuss your requirements and book a suitable time to suit you.

We are happy to do sessions in the evening or over weekends if this is more convenient for you.

Meeting your requirements

While we hope that the information we have provided above has been of help to you, we appreciate that everyone's requirements are different and invite you to contact us about your specific needs, or call on 01494 721739 for more information.

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