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The following videos show how to assemble, decorate or dye paper lanterns.

  • How to asssemble and suspend a paper lantern This can also be helpful for anyone who is thinking of ordering paper lanterns and would like to know how they are fitted before ordering.
  • How to decorate a paper lantern for Christmas or an event etc. Decorating paper lanterns is a great way to make do something personal or fun for an event such as a wedding / party or to do something personal for your home or business. Watch two girls have fun doing some Christmas decorations.
  • How to dye a paper lantern. While there are numerous colours of paper lantern available sometimes the standard colours do not match specific colour scheme as is sometimes the case with weddings or to fit in with business or club colours. For small and moderate quantities this can easily be done yourself.

Paper lanterns are very versatile.

Made from authentic rice paper paper lanterns can be used either as is or painted and decorated using a wide variety of artistic materials including glitter. This makes them ideal for decorating either the home or a function venue such as a wedding reception, party etc.

White paper lantern.  White paper lantern.

Typical uses for paper lanterns include:

  • Room lighting.
  • Decorative lighting for:-
    • Festivals: Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Eid, Diwali, Hogmanay, Chinese new year etc.
    • Parties.
    • Weddings.
    • Events.
    • Shows.
    • Launches.
    • etc.
  • Decoration only.

Using paper lanterns as permanent lighting

Paper lanterns can simply be used as a light shade, however by painting / decorating the shade can make it into a work of art. In a childrens room or nursery you could decorate a paper lantern with a teddy bear or TV / book character. For a more formal look you could paint a scene or just paint the paper lantern to match the colour scheme of the room.

Lighting paper lanterns.

If you intend using paper lanterns for lighting or intend to light the lantern to improve the decorative effect you can either use mains powered lights or battery powered LED lights.

Permanent room lighting.

We recommend using mains powered lights for all permanent room lighting either in the home or office etc. The paper lantern can simply be hung directly from a light fitting (pendant) and switched on and off through the normal room switch. For added effect you can use coloured or decorated lanterns as light shades.

Mains powered event lighting

Mains powered lights can provide much more light than can be provided by normal battery powered LED lights. Mains powered lights are therefore better where the paper lanterns will provide the main or only lighting. Mains lighting is recommended for weddings, large parties / events especially where they will be use as the main lighting in marquees.

Click here if you would like to know how to make up a power cable to light a number of paper lanterns using mains power.

Battery powered LED Lighting

Battery powered LED lights are ideal for lighting paper lanterns when the main focus is on decoration and supplentary lighting or where mains power is not available. Battery powered LED lights are ideal for festive decorations (Christmas etc), parties, functions such as weddings, launches etc where subdued or supplentary lighting. You can get low cost LED lights or LED torches from a number of discount stores that can hang from a cord inside the lantern. Ensure that when using LED lights that they are securely attached to the supporting cord.

Decorating paper lanterns.

If you intend using the decorated paper lantern also as a light we suggest that you apply paint sparingly to ensure the light can shine through and give a more dramatic effect.

We suggest using Acrylic paints (or other suitable paints that can be applied thinly or thinned down and suitable for painting on paper), these are available from your local art store. Just a few basic colours can be mixed as required to obtain a wide range of colours. They are also very easy to thin down by simply adding a little water and are safer to use than spray paints.

Spray paints can also be used for decorating paper lanterns. It is important to follow all the makers instructions. We suggest that spray painting is only done by adults or or suitably aged children under direct adult supervision, in a well ventilated area and ensuring a face mask is worn. Spray painting should only be done in a well ventilated area.

Free stencils for paper lanterns.

We have a number of templates that you can download and print, standard A4 paper should be suitable for most uses. It is better to have a flexible template so that it can easily form around the paper lantern. Stiff card can be a problem with larger shapes as it does not bend around the lantern as easily. Click here to download some example stencils.

Adding glitter.

We suggest using a PVA glue (readily available from art shops and hardware stores). PVA glue can also be thinned down with a little water to make it easier to paint on to the lantern. Simply paint the area you wish to apply the glitter to and then sprinkle the glitter over.

We found that using glitter rather than glitter glue was easier as it does not take so long to dry however glitter glue does provide a more 3D effect.

Buying paper lanterns.

White paper lanterns value pack. Range of paper lantern sizes.
Value packs Coloured paper lanterns.

You can buy paper lanterns individually or in convenient value packs of 12 (save up to 48% off single delivered prices) that are ideal for using for decorations, for Christmas, Parties, Weddings etc.

Paper lanterns are available in a wide range of sizes. The most common sizes range from 12 inches (30 cm) to 24 inches (60 cm) with the 12 inch size being the most popular and practical for room lighting and decorations. For events in halls and marquees (i.e. Weddings, Parties, Events and Launches etc.) larger sizes (16, 19 or 24 inch) are suggested taking into consideration the size of the event.

Standard colours include:

  • White
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Fuchsia

Creating your own special colour

If you have a colour scheme and require a specific colour we suggest ordering white paper lanterns and painting them with either spray paint or using acrylic paint (this is eay to mix and thin with water).

Custom paper lanterns
If you have a special requirement please contact us for more information.

Video - How to decorate a paper lantern.

Watch an example of the how to decorate a paper lantern on YouTube

White paper lantern.

Send us a photo of your hand decorated paper lantern.

Why not send us a photo of your decorated paper lantern(s). We will post the best examples on the web and award positions to the top three examples. You can send just a picture of an individual lantern or a group of lanterns in your home, at a Wedding reception, party, launch or other event. Your image will be credited with your initials, town and country and age subject to information provided. A typical credit would be A.J. London UK age 6. When sending photos of an individual paper lantern please try to make the lantern fill the picture and for photographs of a group of lanterns try to get the best visual effect of the decorations.

To send an image:

  • 1 Click on the Contact us. Enter in the subject MY PAPER LANTERN
  • 2 Enter in your email address
  • 3 In the message section enter your Initials or/and Name, Town, Country and optionally your age.
  • 4 Send your message.
  • 5 We will then reply to you with some additional information.
  • 6 Attach your image to our reply and send.

Meeting your requirements

While we hope that the information we have provided above has been of help to you, we appreciate that everyone's requirements are different and invite you to contact us about your specific needs, or call on 01494 721739 for more information.

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