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The effect of colour on the emotions

The effect of color on the emotions.

Have you noticed when you walk into a room you either get a good or bad feeling. Often our subconscious mind registers the energies of color without us realising it. Good feelings make you at ease and uplifted; while bad feelings make you feel uneasy, sad, depressed or irritated?

Humans are particularly attracted to color and although we can only see a portion of the full color spectrum, it effects us on many levels. As we have evolved, our sensitivity to color has enabled us to thrive by finding ripe, colored fruit, healthy leaves and shoots, and other nourishing food sources.

We also notice when someone is 'off color', alerting us to a potential health problem. When we choose a mate we often subconsciously look at their skin tone and color as a guide to good health and therefore suitability for parenting children. It is no wonder, then, that the makeup industry is huge, satisfying the needs of those want to enhance their skin and hair color to make themselves appear healthy, or just stand out from the crowd.

Light is the only form of energy we can see, in the form of color. Sunlight consists of the entire electromagnetic spectrum that we depend on to exist on this planet. The colors in light trigger hormone production, which influences our entire complex biochemical system, and thus our wellbeing.

Colors mean different things to different people, but those in the red part of the spectrum (red, orange, yellow) are stimulating and those in the blue/green part (green, blue, indigo, violet) are soothing. Incidentally, surrounding yourself with stimulating or soothing colors can affect your mood, as colors absorb and reflect light (energy).

Many of our pictures contain all colors of the spectrum, some with a bias towards the blue end and some towards the red. Our Tranquil Art is just that – soothing and calming. And our Fun Art will stimulate your imagination. The colors will change according to the time of day and lighting in the room. Sometimes you will see the beautiful cool colors, changing subtly from blues, violets, turquoises, greens and pinks. In other lighting conditions the reds, oranges and yellows will come to the fore, lifting your spirits and intriguing you.

Most of our art is abstract and you can interpret it how you wish. A picture paints a thousand words – what stories will our art have to tell you?

The effects of color energies.

  • Red - Strength and energy
  • Orange - Confidence and well being
  • Yellow - Wisdom and a quest for knowledge
  • Green - Balance, grounding and connection to nature
  • Blue - Calming and decisiveness
  • Indigo - Intuition and connecting to the subconscious
  • Violet - Creativity and inspiration, healing

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