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Membership benefits.

Becoming a member a member of Art-Seekers has benefits to artwork buyers, artists, photographers and people interested in art and photography.

For artists, photographers and artwork sellers.

We provide a range of benefits for those interested in selling their art or photography, including:

  • Gallery style website where you can showcase selected work.
  • Market your work prints via our international network.
  • Tender for art or photographic commissions.
  • Optionally be informed when new commissions are posted.
  • Enter your work in our competitions.

For artwork buyers.

  • Order reasonably priced prints and printed canvases.
  • Optionally be informed when new works in a selected genre are added to our site.
  • Post a request for an artist / photographer to undertake a commission.


As a member of you will be entitled to a free periodic (not more than once per month) art / photographic newsletter. You may unsubscribe from our newsletter at any time.

Please use your main / primary email address.
If you are an artist / photographer or anyone who will be earning sales commissions please use the email address you have (or will register) with Paypal.

We do not sell or make your email address public.

We will only use this email address to:
  • Provide you with information relating to your registration / account.
  • Send you any commission payments due via If you earn any commissions you will need to either enter the email address you registered with Paypal or enter an email address that you will register with to receive any payments due.
  • Send you your Art-Seekers newsletter. You may unsubscribe from this at any time if you wish.
  • Send you any notifications that you specifically request (i.e. requests for art commissions etc.).
Enter a password you would like to use to log in. You can use any combination of alphanumeric characters (a to z and A to Z and 0 to 9). Note your password needs to be between 5 to 20 characters long. To provide you with the best protection we advise you to use a random combination of letters and numbers.
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Meeting your requirements

While we hope that the information we have provided above has been of help to you, we appreciate that everyone's requirements are different and invite you to contact us about your specific needs, or call on 01494 721739 for more information.

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