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2107/10/16 Basic lighting setups

Click here to view a series about flash photography basics.

Click here to view some basic lighting setups.

2012/02/29 Your rights as a photographer

There have been a number of cases where various individuals have been arrested or detained by the Police for taking photographs in public places or deleting images from cameras. Even after Police announced that it is not a crime to take photographs in public places there have still been cases of detainment. It appears that some Police just are not aware of the Law on this issue.

We suggest that photographers print a copy of the following document that was issued by the police that clearely states that this is not illegal and keep a copy of this with you when taking photographs in public places.

Click here to download your copy. When you have downloaded it, print it out and keep it with you when taking photographs in public places.

2012/02/27 London Festival of Photography - June 2012

Hi I wanted to let you know about a few changes to the London Street Photography Festival. > A NEW NAME AND FOCUS FOR THE FESTIVAL After launching the enormously succesful London Street Photography Festival last year we are expanding in 2012 to encompass a broader range of photographic styles as the LONDON FESTIVAL OF PHOTOGRAPHY. While we are committed to maintaining a strong connection to our roots in street photography, our expansion will allow us more flexibility to push the boundaries and explore documentary and conceptual works alongside traditional street photography. With more venues, more artists, new collaborations and exciting participatory projects, the second edition will see London's fastest-growing cultural hub, King's Cross, transformed into a hive of activity for photography-lovers of all levels. The 2011 festival was seen by more than 30,000 people, while 2,300 attended events and workshops. The festival's headline exhibition, Vivian Maier: A Life Uncovered, was listed as one of the top ten photography exhibitions in the UK in 2011 by the Observer and Culture Critic, and the Evening Standard gave the festival a 5-star rating. The festival content will be announced online in early March 2012. FESTIVAL DATES: 1-30 June 2012 > LONDON FESTIVAL OF PHOTOGRAPHY PRIZE The London Festival of Photography Prize is a new opportunity for photographers to submit projects for inclusion in a world-class exhibition celebrating the annual festival theme. Each year the festival programme will explore a relevant and far-reaching theme through photographic exhibitions, workshops, screenings, talks and debates. There are two categories for submission: · photo-series category (still images only) · photo-film category (multimedia) THE PRIZE Finalists will appear in a major exhibition in King's Cross, and two winners will win £1,000 each and a trip to London for the opening. DEADLINE: 29 March 2012 ENTER NOW: I would be grateful if you would share this information with your network. Kind Regards... Brett Jefferson Stott (Founder/Director)

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