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Image restoration / image enhancement / image editing

Our image restoration / image enhancement / image editing service is available for restoring / improving damaged photographic prints / artwork or improving digital images from your digital camera or mobile phone.

We do not physically repair the original master if it is a physical print or work of art but photograph it and create a digital master. We then work on the digital master to repair damaged areas. Where required we can enhance the image or edit the image to improve the image.

For images that have been badly damaged (faded by the sun etc.) we will do our best to create a suitable digital master of the image.

The image enhancement or image editing of digital images may be done to improve the image before printing.

After creating a digital master we can then print it onto photographic paper, canvas or a range of other media.

The most common damage is due to one of the following:

  • The original has been creased.
  • The original has been torn.
  • The image has faded over time of due to the sun.

In addition to restoring the damage we can also edit the image to remove unwanted items.

For more information please contact us.

Meeting your requirements

While we hope that the information we have provided above has been of help to you, we appreciate that everyone's requirements are different and invite you to contact us about your specific needs, or call on 01494 721739 for more information.

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