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Being prepared is everything!

These special tips are intended to help you prepare for your forthcoming karate photo shoot and includes additional issues that are not specifically covered in our normal tips for preparing for portrait sessions.

Firstly this will require a team effort.

To get great shots we need to work together and your preparation is vital to success. We want to be able to capture images that you will be proud of.

We will take images subject to individual requests and the time available including:

  • A stance / pose.
  • Portrait pictures (head and shoulders).
  • Action shots based on ability.
  • Group portraits. We require consent for anyone participating in the group shots.

Please note that the entire session will be done under the supervision and control of your karate instructor who will also make all the decisions on who may participate in the action shots and how they should be done.

Stance / pose

We will try to take upto three different stances of each individual wishing to have these done. As time is limited it is vital that you can assume each position very quickly. As small details can be very important it is up to you to ensure that everything is correct, foot postion, hands, twist of the arms etc. Also your expression should match the stance. It would not look right to have an attacking stance with a big smile. The best way to get a suitable expression is to visualise the action that the stance would suggest be it defensive or offensive.

Models learn poses and expressions by practising in front of a mirror and while this may seem strange it works. We suggest you use it to practice your stance and expression so that you can easily do it when required at the shoot.

Portrait pictures

In portrait pictures a smile would look nice. We will try to take a few images of each individual wishing to have a portrait done. It is normally best not to force a smile but to have a relaxed smile. Posture is also important when taking portrait pictures and some direction will be given but in general sit up straight, shoulders back slightly and head very slightly forward.

Group shots

With group shots we will help to direct everyone into a suitable composition with the taller people in the center, with multiple rows where required.

Action shots

With the action shots your instructor will select people to do these and control how they are to be done. We will do our best to capture the action shots. Action shots are not easy to capture and it may take a few attempts to capture a good shot. While we will aim to get at least one good shot of everyone participating in the action shots we cannot make any guarantees. Time constraints also mean that there may be limitations on what we can achieve.


We want you to be proud of your pictures and suggest that you ensure that you take the same preparations that you would take if representing your club in a competition including:

  • Ensuring your kit is clean
  • Men - If you shave and get a shadow, consider having a shave at midday.
  • Makeup - if you wear makeup please ensure that you are ready as due to the time limitations we will not have time to wait.
  • Hair - nails (fingers and feet) etc. Please ensure that everything is right. Ensure you have a brush or comb.
  • Bare feet - As most shots will be done in bare feet and you will be moving around on the floor it is important to bring a damp cloth and towel that you can use to wipe off your feet just prior to any picture.

Check list

Please ensure on the day you bring any of the following that apply:

  • Your consent form. (Signed by a parent if under 18).
  • A cloth and towel to clean your feet
  • Hair brush or comb.
  • Makeup kit if required.
  • Your normal kit.

More information and tips

As mentioned above we have a section that we suggest everyone having a photo shoot reads and while some information you need is covered above we still suggest that you read our standard tips.

If you have any questions please give us a ring on 01494 721739

Meeting your requirements

While we hope that the information we have provided above has been of help to you, we appreciate that everyone's requirements are different and invite you to contact us about your specific needs, or call on 01494 721739 for more information.

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