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About The Free Viral Traffic Generator

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Free viral traffic generator tool
Viral marketing traffic multiplier
Meet the Free viral traffic generator tool and make your website go viral!
Have you been losing sleep trying to figure out how to increase traffic to your website? Most of us know, the key to having a successful website is having lots of visitors. After all, if no one knows about your website except you, what´s the point?

While there are billions of people in the world, there are also over a billion websites and that means there´s lots of competition for visitors. In order to get your share of visitors, you´ll need to promote your website, which can be done by using various methods, both paid and free. Some of these methods include submitting to search engines, advertising, sharing on social media, forums, groups and … using viral marketing.

As many websites include some form of commercial element, such as sales, services or advertising, the more traffic you have, the more money you can make - it´s a numbers game.

While normal advertising can be a drain on your finances and time, it´s a necessary part of your business. Finding the right type of advertising for your business can take some experimentation.

Many of the big companies today use viral marketing. Without a doubt, it´s one of the most cost-effective methods of advertising; which is why they use it either to directly market their products or build their brand. This form of marketing can target huge audiences at little or no cost. Although it´s possible to run an entire viral marketing campaign at no cost, some big companies spend hundreds of thousands, creating videos that they hope will go viral.

Yahoo was an early leader in the use of free Internet viral marketing. They started as a small business, offering a free email account service. To make their business go viral, they just added a simple link to every email that was sent, via their system. So, when someone sent an email, using Yahoo, they would be promoting the free Yahoo email service. At the time, other suppliers were charging for this service. If the recipients then joined the Yahoo email service, every email they sent would also be promoting Yahoo; so it went viral.

Obviously, you can´t just copy what Yahoo did, to get viral traffic. What you need is something else, something that will help your own business go viral.

The problem for most individuals and small businesses is they don´t have anything that will reliably go viral.

However, you are not alone - there are currently well over a billion websites and the number of them is increasing at a phenomenal rate.

Appreciating this problem, and the huge potential of viral marketing, we have created a unique, free viral marketing system that can multiply your website traffic and effectively increase your visitors, sales and profits. It can be integrated with other marketing methods to multiply your website traffic.

So, to recap - using viral marketing can increase your website visitors and sales and thereby increase your profit margins.

This video covers how anyone can make a website (including an affiliate website) go viral, in just a few clicks, with no coding changes or downloads - and all for free. This, of course, also applies to organizations like charities, self-help groups, medical support and information sites etc. We even have a solution for people who only have a social website.

In this video we assume that you have a marketing website, but the same free viral marketing tool works, no matter what the aims of the website are.

Our following example shows a typical website. We´ll refer to it as your website. We´ll tell you how to convert it into a viral website in a few seconds.

As the objective of your website is to sell goods or services, we will include a link to a page or other site that can take orders and generate you some income or other benefit.

In order to benefit financially or otherwise, from your website, you´ll need to share it or promote it to get visitors. Otherwise your website will be as much good as a banner in the middle of the Sahara Desert. Your ultimate aim is to have lots of people visiting your website. If displaying your website in Times Square is outside your budget, you´ll need to use other marketing methods, some of which we´ll cover here.

There are numerous places you can advertise for free, or you can use paid adverts. In all cases, you´ll need to ensure that advertising is good value for money and that you´re making a reasonable amount of return on your money and time. Some adverts can be targeted to people by gender and age such as Facebook adverts.

As your website will have been designed to sell your products or services, or generate some other benefit, your adverts should be linked to your website.

We recommend that you share information about your website on social media, so it can be seen and shared by others.

While some forums and groups may limit what you can include in your comments they will often allow you to add a link to your website in your sign-off.

We recommend that you register your website with the major search engines.

However, to get the best ranking, you should first ensure that you follow the recommended website search engine optimization suggestions. It´s normally quite easy to rank well for obscure keyword phrases, but ranking for competitive keyword phrases is much more difficult. For more information on this please visit the additional information link under this video.

While there are lots other ways of getting traffic to your website we can´t cover everything here.

To make your website go viral with the Free viral traffic generator tool you first need to register it. You can do this by clicking on the link below.

Once registered and confirmed, a dedicated Viral Website Landing Page - including your website and viral self-promoting link - will be automatically created for you. Anyone visiting your Viral Website Landing Page can use your website, which will be embedded in the page.

Anyone registering to use the Free viral traffic generator tool via your viral self-promoting link, will be added to your first downline level.

As part of the registration process, anyone registering via your self-promoting link or in your viral downline levels - two to six - will need to visit your website. While anyone in your first downline level may already have seen your website, anyone registering from your second to sixth downline levels, where all of your viral traffic comes from, will inevitably be new viral visitors, who have never seen your website before. This is how we can generate you lots of free viral traffic.

Every person who registers under someone in your first downline level will be automatically added to your second level.

As shown by the purple arrow, they too, will need to visit your website, as part of their registration process.

If just 10 people join your first downline level and 10 people sign up under each of them, that will be an extra 100 new visitors. Although this doesn´t sound like much, we are still only on level 2. Wait until we reach level 6.

The following dialog assumes that just 10 people register directly under you and everyone in each of your downline levels. Even if only a few percent of your visitors register and use the Free viral traffic generator tool via your self-promoting link, you should have more than 10 people in your first level downline in no time and progressively, so should everyone else in your viral downlines.

Your third downline level is also created automatically by people registering under your second downline level.

Now if everyone in your second level has just 10 signups under them, you will get an additional one thousand new visitors – that makes one thousand, one hundred free visitors from your 10 initial signups.

Moving on, as your fourth downline level builds, you´ll get an additional ten thousand signups. That´s a total of eleven thousand, one hundred free viral visitors, so far.

As your fifth downline level builds you will get an additional one hundred thousand free viral visitors. That´s a total of one hundred and eleven thousand, one hundred, free viral visitors.

As your sixth downline level builds, you´ll get an additional one million signups. That´s a total of one million one hundred and eleven thousand one hundred free viral visitors.

While this is based on each person, in each of your downline levels, getting just ten signups, this doesn´t happen in practice - some will get more and some less. Your viral traffic will also take time to build up, but the more people you get to sign up into your first downline level, the more free viral traffic you can expect to get.

How does this affect your profits? Firstly, all your free viral traffic from level two to level six has cost you nothing. Even if you got a few thousand free viral visitors, that would be fantastic, but the more you share, the more you´ll get. The sales you´ll get from all this free viral traffic is a pure bonus.

As you continue to expand your first downline level, your second to sixth downline levels will automatically continue to expand.

We have a number of other features built into the Free viral traffic generator tool, that will allow you to provide different offers to people from different locations, do split testing, profit sharing and much more.

If you want to multiply your website traffic and make your website go viral, simply register it at the link below and use the link to your free Viral Website Landing Page in all your marketing material. i.e. just exchange your website link for your free Viral Website Landing Page link in all your marketing material.

We have covered a few of the features built into the Free viral traffic generator tool here. By using this tool, you´ll be able to increase your visitors and profits, way beyond your dreams.

Don´t, however, don´t forget to visit our members´ area on a regular basis. We will be teaching you cunning techniques that you can use to increase your profits.

Click on the link below to register your website now.

For additional information please visit the link below.

How to set your website´s display status

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In this video we´ll be showing you how to set the display status of your website when using the "Free Viral Traffic Generator Tool".
If you haven´t registered your website yet, use the link under this video or visit the following website:

The purpose of this quick-and-easy step is to verify that the registered website can be displayed to visitors. Registration mistakes happen even to the most experienced web users. For example: a simple typo in the website address, or other errors, could mean that a registered website is not displayed, making all your efforts pointless.
Once you´ve confirmed that your website is displayed on your viral website landing page, it will be available to visitors. In most cases, all that is required is to check that the website is displayed and to select the display status. If your registered website doesn´t display, check the following:

  • 1) Is there a typing error in the website address provided, or
  • 2) Does the website have a coding error, or
  • 3) Is there a problem on the server, or
  • 4) Is there a problem communicating with the server, or
  • 5) Are you promoting a website that is no longer available, or
  • 6) Does the website include coding to stop embedding.

Setting the display status of your website is done on your viral website landing page, when you´re logged in. If you´re registering a new website, you will automatically be taken to your viral website landing page as part of your registration confirmation process. Here you can confirm your website is displayed correctly. Updating your website display status is also required whenever the registered website address is changed.
You can change the display status at any time by logging in and then hovering over "Your area" (or tapping on a mobile) and then selecting: Share your website landing page from the sub-menu.
Please note, your viral website landing page, like a number of other pages on this site, are dynamic and some information is only displayed under certain conditions. For example, the additional sections covered here are only displayed when the logged-in user is viewing one of their own website registrations. There may also be a few differences between the video shown and what you see on your screen, for example, if you have registered just one website or multiple websites.
Your website display status is set in the section headed: Update the display status of your website, if required.
Under the heading, is the currently selected website and its display status.
If you have registered more than one website, this will be followed by a section headed Change the website for which you want to set the display status, if required.
If you do want to change to a different registration, select the website in the field headed: Select the website for which you want to set the display status and then click on the Change button. This will change to the selected website and refresh the page.
Scroll down to see if your website is displayed immediately below.
Then scroll back up to the Your website display status field.
There are three display options:-

  • 1) Your website is displayed below
  • 2) Display a button linking to your website
  • 3) Do not display this website.

If your website is displayed on the page, ensure that Your website is displayed below is selected. If not, select this option and click on the Update button to change the setting and refresh the page.
The Display status of the current website should then indicate: OK.
Your website will then be displayed to the public on your viral website landing page, and will be available to all your visitors using your viral website self-promoting links and banners. It will also be displayed to anyone registering in your downline levels one to six. Your viral downline levels two to six are where all your new free viral traffic is generated.
If your website isn´t displayed on the page, click on your website address under the Select the display status of your website heading, which will open it in a new window.
If your website is then displayed select: Display a button linking to your website and click on the Update button. This will provide a button that visitors can click on, to display your website in a new window. Please see the Frequently asked questions page for our recommended alternatives to this.
If your website isn´t displayed in a new window, when you click on your website address, either the registered website address is invalid or the website is not available.
Try the following: visit your website and if it displays, copy the entire website address from your browsers address bar, including the http or https part, and then change the registered website address on your Settings page. Then refresh this page and check that your website is now displayed.
If you can´t display your website, even in a new window, there is some other problem. Check the following:

  • 1) Is the registered website address invalid, or
  • 2) Does the website have a coding error, or
  • 3) Is there is a problem on the server, or
  • 4) Are you are promoting a website that is no longer available, or
  • 5) Is there is a problem communicating with the server.

If resolving this is not something you can do, you´ll need to ask for some help as the problem is related to your website. If you´re promoting an affiliate program, check the affiliate link is correct and that the affiliate program is still available.
Contact the product owner for help if required. If it isn´t the website address, we suggest that you contact your Internet service provider, as there may be a technical fault on the server.

How to share your viral self promoting landing pages on social media

While we hope that the information has been of help to you; we appreciate that everyone´s requirements are different and invite you to view our Frequently asked questions or contact us if you have questions about this website.

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