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The basics of starting or developing an online presence.

There are numerous reasons why you may wish to create or develop an online presence including:-

  • 1) To earn a living.
  • 2) To support an off-line business.
  • 3) To share information
  • 4) To keep in contact with friends
  • 5) To promote yourself.
  • 6) To promote goods or services you want to sell.

Here we are primarily interested in traffic generation and site monetization (earning and income).

Off-line (bricks and mortar) businesses.
If you running an off-line business you may primerily be interested in promoting your off-line goods and services however there opportunities for most off-line businesses to also earn an additional online income. There are numberous ways that an off-line business can increase their income by selling online. Some examples include selling your goods, products or services online.

If you sell physical services like hairdressing or horse riding lessons you may think; I cannot sell my services online. This however does not mean you cannot monetize your website and increase your profits. You can for example add some adverts to your website pages and get paid for every time a webpage is displayed or what is often more profitable is to market other peoples products using an affiliate program. For example a horse riding school could host adverts for businesses selling riding gear or market ebooks on horses, horse riding, horse training etc. as an affiliate marketeer. For more information on advertising your business and affiliate marketing please read below.


There are numerous paid and free marketing techniques you can use to get TRAFFIC to your website. We include a wide range marketing techniques (free and paid) in our free course that you get when you register your website for our free traffic system.

Conversion is the process of selling goods or services to your website visitors. Good products, services, sales copy and a simple payment process are all very important for converting visitors into ordering customers.

The income you receive depends on a wide range of factors, including the normal supply and demand issues, the number of visitors (traffic) you receive and the quality of your conversion process.

How to start an Internet business

If you are new to Internet Marketing it is not easy to know where to start and like any business it can fail but you can also make a lot of money if you do it right. Like any business you need a plan and need to follow it. Forget the quick rich schemes (scams) they are normally just that scams that will take your money and not

What you do not need to get started:

  • Money, there are free ways to get started.
  • Programming skills, if you can copy and paste and follow some instructions.

To start you need / we suggest the following:

  • Access to the Internet.
  • An primary email address for your business. http://mail.google.com
  • Optional, but highly recommended a secondary email address.
  • A method of receiving payments. https://www.paypal.com
  • Optional but highly recommended a website you can edit*.
  • Products or services to market / sell. Affiliate products are the easiest option.
  • A Step by step roadmap of what to do and how to do it.

Note * While it is possible to start without a website there are a number of very good reasons all the serious Internet Marketers (guru's) have their own websites. You can get a free website and set it up without any programming. We have tips on how to do this in our course.

With these items set up you will be in a position to start the process of building your business; Step by Step.

Affiliate marketing is the easiest way to get started.

The benefit of affiliate marketing digital products are that there are thousands of products available to market; you do not need to invest in stock; you do not need to worry about shipping and it does not cost anything to start. The rewards of affiliate marketing can also be very good. The key is to select suitable products with good marketing material.

How to get free traffic to your website, social site, blog.

This option includes a free Internet Marketing course that includes tips on how to get more traffic and build an Internet Business.

How to market your website for FREE

Ultimate Backlink Builder. A must do!!!

Creating backlinks will help your website ranking on the search engines. The Ultimate backlink builder will create backlinks to your website. This runs on a PC. Mac users can run it in a Windows partition or get a friend to run it on their PC. You can get this software from the Internet or by clicking on the banner below. Download the zip file that should automatically open (on Google Chrome you may need to click on the tab at the bottom of your browser). When it opens:-
PC users need to double click on the ubb folder and double click on the ubb.exe file and if requested Extract all. You will then need to show the extracted files and again double click on the ubb folder and finally double click on the ubb.exe file.
Mac users need run this in a windows partition on their Mac. Or you can get a PC friend to do it for you.

When you start the program enter the website you would like to get the back links to and a keyword phrase that describes your site. We suggest you do not use your main email address as we do not know if your email address may be made public on some of the sites.

Click on Create Backlinks It will take a quite a few minutes to run so just let it run. You can scroll down to see the list of backlinks created. When it eventually finishes you will see CONGRATS!!! FINISHED!!! but as this is at the bottom of the list you will need to scroll down to see this.

Ultimate backlink builder

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Free website suppliers.

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Search engine optimisation tools.

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Other useful sites.

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NEW, How to make money online tips

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How to make money online tips

Meeting your requirements

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