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2017/12/09 Advice for anyone using a venue with a sound limiter

Click here for advice for anyone using a venue with a sound limiter for parties, weddings and other events as well as information for bands, DJ´s and anyone using sound equipment at events with sound limiters.

2017/11/27 Bug fix

A few devices / browsers / networks, that have disabled or do not provide some of information that is required to provide a proper responsive website design have caused an error message to be displayed. We have now updated the website coding to aviod an error being reported and cater for user devices where this information is not available.

2017/11/26 Updated the registration form validation

We have noticed that a few registrations are being rejected because of user input errors or typing errors. It is important that we have vaild information so that our registered members will receive viral traffic to their registered website.

We now do this at two stages, the first is a website address validation check that will detect any invalid website address (Url) and the second is a check that is confirmed by the member that their website is correctly displayed / linked to. In this way we can ensure that viral visitors are directed to the currect website / website page.

2017/07/31 The 5 Biggest Mistakes to Avoid with Pinterest Promoted Pins

The 5 Biggest Mistakes to Avoid with Pinterest Promoted Pins

The fact that there are currently 100 million active Pinterest users is not the only reason why you should be marketing on Pinterest. The other reason you should seriously consider having a Pinterest marketing strategy is to access its advertising network.

Unlike other social networks such as Facebook for example where users go to browse rather than shop, 93% of Pinterest users plan purchases on this network. So, using Pinterest ads, also known as "Promoted Pins" becomes a no-brainer.

However, before running Pinterest ads, make sure you avoid these 5 common and costly mistakes:
Mistake 1: Not having high quality images

Since Pinterest is above all, a photo sharing website, it´s important if you want your Pinterest ads to stand out and your Pinterest marketing to bring you results, to use eye-catching images. Don´t combine multiple images per promoted pin, as it will end up looking too busy. If you plan to promote multiple products on a single promoted pin, then don´t exceed four product images, and make sure the overall pin has a single theme.

For example, should you be selling baby clothes and accessories, you can create a promoted pin selling an individual product such as a pair of shoes, or display multiple pairs of shoes without including other products in the pin that are irrelevant to the theme, such as pyjamas.

The size of your pin is as important as the quality of the image. Make sure your promoted pin is vertical, rather than square. The aspect ratio for example could be 2:3 and the width of your pin should be a minimum of 600 pixels. So a pin that is 600 x 900 pixels is usually a perfect size.

Mistake 2: Not designing a funnel
Another common mistake advertisers make when marketing on Pinterest, is not mapping out a funnel before launching a promoted pin. Instead, their Pinterest marketing strategy is just to send traffic directly to their website or sales page. Although this can still convert into sales, it´s trickier when dealing with cold traffic who doesn´t yet know, like or trust the brand.

Instead, a good habit to adopt with promoted pins is to send traffic to a piece of content such as a video, article or blog post. Then, within the piece of content, promote a lead capture page to capture people´s email details for follow up emails for those who didn´t purchase anything yet, upsells and downsells.

Then, end your funnel by sending people who have opted in to a sales page. Of course, your funnel doesn´t need to end there. You can create follow up emails with people who have completed a purchase by promoting other, similar products as it´s easier to generate sales from an existing customer than from a prospect.

Mistake 3: Creating one-hit wonders

When marketing on Pinterest and setting up a promoted pin, don´t just rely on a single ad to bring you the traffic and leads you need. Instead, your Pinterest marketing strategy should be to promote multiple pins, testing the image and the description. When looking at your Pinterest marketing efforts, you´ll soon notice that some images and some descriptions perform better than others instead of relying on a single promoted pin.

For example, you can create 3 ads, each one with the exact same description but a different image. Then, wait a day or so to check which ad performed the best and switch off the other ads. You can even run the same ad targeting different placements. For example, one ad to be displayed on ipads, another ad to be displayed on mobile devices and a third ad displayed on desktop computers. You´ll soon notice that one of the ads performs better, and you can easily switch off the other 2 ads.

You can even run multiple ads, each one targeting different sets of keywords. For example, you can run an ad to sell a beauty product targeting keywords around "anti ageing", then create the same ad targeting keywords around "face cream" and another same ad targeting keywords around "skincare". That way, you can easily monitor which groups of keywords perform better and switch off the one with the set of keywords that perform less well.

Mistake 4: Not optimising your account

You´ll notice that when you launch promoted pins, your ad will also have a link back to your profile. Should people see your ad and click on your profile link, it´s important that your account doesn´t look bare.

Make sure your bio is completed and it underlines how you solve a specific problem, or what you specialise in and what makes you unique from everyone else. Also ensure you have a profile picture. Your profile picture should either be the logo of your business if you are not the face of the brand like Starbucks for example, which has a logo. Or put a headshot of you if you are the face of the brand.

Plus, make sure you have several boards, that have several pins. The themes for each board should be relevant to what your target audience would be looking for and not be random topics. For example, should you want to use Pinterest marketing to promote your online fashion store, you could have the following boards:

Fashion accessories for women
Summer fashion tips
Celebrity fashion styles
Fashion trends for men

Ideally, your account should have a decent number of followers. Anything from 1,000 followers and above is great.

Mistake 5: Keyword targeting

With Pinterest promoted pins, you´ll have two choices when deciding on the targeting. You can either target people according to keywords or according to interests. When you target people according to keywords, your ad will appear when people type in one of the keywords you´re targeting in the search bar.

For example, if your ad targets the keyword "weightloss" your ad will appear when people type in the keyword "weightloss". If your ad targets people according to interests, it means it will show on the newsfeed of people who are interested in specific topics.

A good way to proceed when choosing your targeting, is starting with keyword targeting first. Then, check your audience analytics, which will show you the interests of the people who have clicked on your ads. That way the next time you run ads, you´re sure to make the right choices in terms of interests instead of guessing.

So I hope you´ve enjoyed this video on The 5 Biggest Mistakes to Avoid with Pinterest Promoted Pins. Remember to leave a comment below and subscribe to our YouTube channel to receive the latest social media tips straight to your inbox.

2017/07/31 How To Steal Your Competitors Rankings by Matthew Woodward

 One of my favourite SEO tricks that has stood the test of time is to simply steal your competitors rankings. With a bit of elbow grease, backlink checkers & competitor analysis it is easy to out rank your competition. You can even do it with a combination of free tools!

What You Will Learn
How to steal competitors rankings How to check competitor backlinks How to perform competitor analysis How to steal their best backlinks How to build a links database

The Method To The Madness

Do a search for any keyword on Google.
Each of the sites in the top 10 search results have a backlink profile that pleases Google. It is also likely they have fairly decent content and have taken care of the basics like on page SEO. But for the most part each of the top 10 results backlink profile is powering the rankings. Imagine what would happen if your site had the same backlinks as not just the #1 result, but every single page in the top 10 results! Building The Perfect Foundation
Why spend time & money trying to figure things out when you can just steal your competitors best backlinks! Performing competitor analysis like this allows you create a great f oundation link prof ile to your site. Replicating your competitors links takes a lot of the hard work out of link building & is very easy for anyone new to SEO to do. This is a tactic I use all of the time with new sites before I do anything else. You build a very natural profile slowly but surely giving you a great foundation to leverage.

Step 1 – Get The Top 10 Results

The first thing you need to do is gather the top 10 organic results for the keyword you want to rank for.
Just do a quick Google Search and make a note of each URL.
We are going to run each of these URL´s through the backlink checkers below!

Step 2 – Finding All Of The Backlinks

To find all of the backlinks for each of the top 10 results we are going to use some backlink checkers. There are a number of them to choose from both free & paid but each of them suffer from the same problem. No 1 backlink checker can give you a complete overview of a URL´s backlink profile. They all have very dif f erent databases and of f er a range of results. So in order to do this properly, we need to combine the data from as many backlink checkers as possible! Which Is The Best Backlink Checker? Ihavepublishedacoupleof casestudiesonbacklinkcheckersinthepast.Ahrefsalwaysoffersthemost results. So for this tutorial I decided to see how many links each backlink checker returned for this blog. These are ordered from the biggest to the least below- (Note: I just use Ahrefs, Majestic SEO & SEO Spyglass for my analysis normally.) Ahrefs (free/paid) – 11,227 Ahref s has won every backlink checker test I have ran – including this one! The free account gives you quite a lot of backlink based data but you can only see the top 10 backlinks of each report. Go to backlinks > external, then backlinks > new/lost to export as many as you can with the free account. The paid account allows you to export all of them into a CSV file in one click. Check out my 1 million domain Ahrefs case study. Majestic SEO (free/paid) – 8,500  I have a bit of a history with Majestic SEO but they are always one of the top performers in terms of the number of backlinks they provide. If you sign up for a free account you can export all of the backlinks for sites you own & verify which is sweet! But to check other people´s backlinks like Ahrefs it´s limited to the top 10 backlinks. Get more by going to the backlinks tab & the new tab! The paid account gives you 1 click access to export everything into a CSV file. Check out my 1 million domain Majestic SEO case study. SEO Spyglass (free/paid) – 5,599 In my earlier tests SEO Spyglass performed poorly but a recent update has added a database of 15,000,000,000,000 links. That is more than Ahrefs & Majestic SEO.  SEO Spyglass is different than other backlink checkers as it runs as a piece of desktop software rather than a web based tool. It will go out and find backlinks, check if they are live, report on things like anchor text, PR, social shares & more.Allof thisdataisretrievedinrealtimeandisasfreshasyoucanget! The free version of SEO Spyglass is limited to 1,100 backlinks per URLbut you can´t export these links. Where as the paid version goes all out allowing you to bulk check as many URL´s as you want without limits! It is available for a onetime fee which makes it a great investment compared to the monthly fees of most paid backlink checkers. Open Site Explorer (free/paid) – 2,129 Open Site Explorer comes as part of the Moz suite of SEO tools and as they don´t specialise in link checking the database isn´t anywhere near the size of others. A free search will let you get the top 50 backlinks f or each URL. Clicking on the just discovered tab will get you an extra 5! The paid version gives you the export to CSV option as well as access to the rest of the Moz suite of tools! BacklinkWatch (free) – 1,517 Backlink Watch is a great free tool and delivers a pretty decent size of results no strings attached! While you can´t export the results easily you can copy them, then in excel right click > paste special > text > ok. Backlink Watch actually uses Ahrefs to power its database so you can get some decent results. As you can see in this test though Ahrefs actually returned 11,227 results where as Backlink Watch only returned 1,517 – 13% of those. Small SEO Tools (free) – 599 The Small SEO Tools backlink checker is also completely free to use! While it does return some good results it is hard to export them, you have to click through 10 result pages one at a time to copy them out. But it is free to use so you get what you pay for Iguess =D Traffic Travis (free/paid) – 558 Traffic Travis is like SEO Spyglass in that it runs as a desktop application but it also has a bunch of other handy SEO tools & features. The free version actually lets you do quite a lot of things not just checking backlinks! It uses Open Site Explorer as its backlink data source but also looks up real time data like page rank. It is a great free tool to have in your arsenal! Link Diagnosis (free) – 250 Link Diagnosis is also a handy free backlink checker although it did deliver limited results. On the upside though it uses the Open Site Explorer database and if you install the Firefox extension it is really handy! You can even export all of the backlinks easily in one click!

Step 3 – Creating A Master List

Now you have collected as many backlinks as possible from as many sources as possible for each of the top 10 results we can move forward! Open notepad and copy all of the links into one master .txt file and save it somewhere. Next we need to remove all of the duplicates which you can do with the free DupeRemove tool.  Once you have done that we can move onto some backlink analysis.

Step 4 – Analysing The Backlinks

At this point your master list of competitor backlinks could be pretty large – so to make sure we are working efficiently we are going to do a bit of analysis to pick out the best backlinks. In general all I look for are backlinks that are indexed in Google and have a PR value of some kind. These are the priority links. You can make a separate list of links that are indexed in Google but don´t have a PR value as a secondary targets list. Basically if its indexed in Google, it´s good enough to link to my site. Method 1 – Excel / Scrapebox If you have Scrapebox then you can use that to look up lots of different data. Follow my backlink penalty analysis tutorial to check if links are still live, which anchor text they use, what PR they are and if they are indexed in Google. Method 2 – SEO Tools For Excel You can also use SEO Tools for Excel to build a spreadsheet to lookup a range of data. The only problem is if you have a lot of links to process, this can be quite limiting. However it is free to use and with a bit of elbow grease you can make a pretty good link prospecting sheet. Method 3 – Inspyder Backlink Monitor I use Inspyder Backlink Monitor to monitor all of my tiered link building campaigns. It is also a great tool to look up bulk data on backlinks.  Just paste the list of links, hit go and it will check if they are still live, if they are indexed, what PR they have and a bunch of other things. You can also export data in a range of formats making it easy to filter out the best links. Method 4 – SEO Spyglass SEO Spyglass is not just a backlink checker, it is also a complete backlink analysis tool. You can paste in a list of URL´s and it will first retrieve all of the backlinks for each URL. You can then go a step further and get it to do a deeper analysis on each backlink to determine the quality of each of them. If you have f ound backlinks f rom other tools it is easy to import those as well. SEO Spyglass doubles up as a great link finder and analyser in one!

Step 5 – Replicating The Links

Now it is just a case of going through each of the links one at a time and using your head. Open each link in your browser and see how your competitor got their link on that page. Sometimes it might be a blog comment, so you just need to post your own comment. Sometimes it´s a f orum post so you just need to register and get involved in the discussion. Sometimes it will be a guest post and you will have to send an email to submit your own guest post. As you work through the list replicating links you´ll get a good feel for this process. While you´re doing this not only will you be uncovering great links you wouldn't have gotten otherwise. You'll also build your understanding of link building & SEO in general. 

Step 6 – Creating A Golden Links Database

Getting as much value out of your time as possible is important. So as you go through the list replicating links, make sure you keep track of everything and make a note of which you have replicated/submitted. Once you have finished replicating your competitors backlinks you can then bulk check which ones you now have a live backlink from. These backlinks are gold! Create a separate links database spread sheet which lists all of the backlinks that have stuck! As you do this over time you will build a huge list of powerful links that are helping to drive the top 10 results. In the future you can come back to this spread sheet and use it for other projects over and over again. This is a highly valuable business asset to have. I also add a column called Niche with options like Technology, Business, Finance, General to make it easy to filter them by topic. Wrapping It Up So there you have it – one of my favourite link building tactics that has stood the test of time & algorithm updat es . It is easy for anyone to do and you can take advantage of free tools to get you started. No need to learn spinning or any complicated software – it´s perfect for anyone new to SEO & link building. The end result will be that you will have all of the backlinks your top 10 competitors do pointing to your 1 site. ThisisthelinkbuildingstrategyIusuallyuseonnewsitesbeforedoinganythingelseandif that doesn´t get you first page rankings then you have the perfect natural foundation to leverage further.

The following information was sent to me by Matthew that will be of interest to you. View original here

2017/06/29 New page added on social media sites

We have now added a new page which includes a list of social media sites and some information about them. Click here for more information.

2017/06/17 New feature added

We have now added the ability for users to provide a link to an image for each website registration, that can be used by any social website when you share your viral website landing page. For social websites that support the automatic addition of an image, (like Facebook) this image will be included as part of your share message. This will allow you to provide a personalised image for each of your websites.

2017/04/19 Version 2.0 of the FREE Viral traffic generator goes live

The FREE viral traffic generator Version 2.0 went live today. This is a huge update to the previous version and will help anyone who has something to share or promote. It is suitable for individuals, self-employed, Small/Medium Enterprise (SME), affiliate marketers, charities and more to convert their marketing into viral marketing. By simply registering their website(s) and sharing the self-promoting viral links provided in public places, website owners can start to generate additional viral traffic for FREE.

Typical users would include:-

  • Individuals
  • Small/Medium Enterprise (SME)
  • Affiliate marketers
  • Charities
  • Others with something to share or promote

To register your business

Click here to register your website and make it go viral

Get your own traffic generator here

2017/02/10 New updates

We have some great news for all our existing and new users. So what is this great news? Well we have created a new self-promoting link for every website currently registered to be self-promoting and it is automatically created for every new user. Do not worry your existing self-promoting links will still work and help you generate more traffic but this new link has some additional advantages for all users. Your new self-promoting link will direct users to a dedicated page that includes your website and links for users to sign-up under you as part of your downline. Now when you share/promote your new self-promoting link, you will be directly marketing your website and allowing your visitors to join your downline which can generate thousands of new visitors all for free. How fantastic is this, you can have the best of both worlds from the same self-promoting link.

So does the new self-promoting link provide you with all the advantages of your previous self-promoting link? Absolutely, any one who signs up under you still has to visit your website just like before and any one signing up under them will also visit your website for the total of 6 levels, which is how we generate you thousands of new visitors all for free.

Do you need to change your existing self-promoting links to the new self-promoting links? No but we would suggest that you do change any that are easy to do that are not directly on your website or specifically marketing the self-promoting features.

On any marketing we would now suggest that instead of directly sending visitors directly to your website / social site / affiliate link or other web page that you use your new self-promoting link that will display your website and help you generate viral traffic at the same time.

Your new self-promoting link which is available in your Settings looks like this:

where the #### is a unique code for your website. Note do NOT use this example link get your custom self-promoting link in your Settings.

Any visitor to your new self-promoting link will have the opportunity to not only see and use your website but will also have the opportunity to sign-up and promote their website as part of your downline, which is how your viral traffic will be increased.

To get your new self-promoting link(s) please Log in and visit your Settings which is under the main menu item Your area after you have logged in. Note, if you have multiple websites registered your Settings will include new self-promoting links for each website you have registered.

viral marketing using a self promoting website

2013/01/23 Can you really get paid for your opinions?

When it comes to earning money from home, there are many options that one can pursue, but one thing always comes to mind first: Making money using the internet.

Making money online is something that everybody dreams about, but not very many people actually ever achieve. Usually one would need some technical experience such as programming, coding, graphics design, or publishing.

Many of us do not have any of these skills to help us get started earning a living online.

There is, however, a method of earning an income from home using the internet that does not require any technical skills. It is called paid surveys. This is where you can get paid for completing online surveys. Sounds simple and easy right?

Well.. it is! But how does it work?

It's all about market research. Big corporations like Nike, Walmart, and Best Buy spend billions of dollars every year on market research. Market research is the act of gathering information about your current consumers likes and needs, and gathering information from potential, soon-to-be customers.

Once they have your information, they can use that to make better decisions on upcoming Advertising campaigns and product creation. Your opinion is very important to these big companies.

That's where the surveys come in. Market research panels look for members who are willing to take time out of their day to complete surveys and give their opinions. For taking time out of your day, the research panels will reward you, often with cash!

It's a win-win situation because they get your opinion and you get paid.

How can I make a lot of money with paid surveys?

When you join these market research panels they will usually have a preliminary survey you will need to complete. This survey will ask you information about yourself such as age, income, gender, and so on. Then they will send you surveys that match that criteria.

For example: If a market research panel wants to get some consumer opinion on laundry detergent, they will more than likely send that survey to women, especially moms.

If they want some consumer opinion on power tools or electric razors, they would send those surveys to middle-aged men.

The way to make more money with paid surveys is to always give accurate information and to complete as many surveys as you possibly can. When you complete surveys as often as you can this will benefit you for multiple reasons.

1. You will get paid.

2. The market research panels will notice that you are a good survey taker, so then they will send you even more surveys.

3. Completing these surveys will also give the panels more information about you so that they can send you more surveys that match your personal criteria.

This is the key to making the most money possible with paid surveys.

So what have we discussed? Making money from home is possible, but it's not always easy. There is, however a great way to earn from home that is actually easy.

That method is by taking paid surveys.

Just be sure that you always provide accurate information and complete as many surveys as you possibly can. There are a few websites that can get you hooked up with all of the top Market resarch panels.

Click here to get started

Have fun taking those surveys!

2012/09/03 100 Ways Rich People Think Differently written by John Chow

They say if you want to be rich, you should hang around rich people. The advice sounds reasonable. After all, birds of a feather do flock together. However, this is only half the story. If you really want to be rich, you have to think like the rich.

Steve Siebold spent nearly three decades interviewing rich people around the world to find out what separates them from the 99%. His finding is summed up in a new book, How Rich People Think.

Steve concluded that being rich has little to do with the money itself. Instead, it had everything to do with mentality and how you think about money. The book is a pretty good read, and I recommend you get a copy. In the book, Steve divides people between "World Class" and "Middle Class". In the interest of better SEO, I will call the groups the 99% and the 1%.

The 99% focus on saving. The 1% focus on earning.
The 99% thinks about money in linear terms. The 1% think about money in non-linear terms.
The 99% believes hard work creates wealth. The 1% believes leverage creates wealth.
The 99% believes money is the root of all evil. The 1% believes poverty is the root of all evil.
The 99% believes being rich is a privilege. The 1% believes being rich is a right.
The 99% believes money is complicated. The 1% believes money is simple.
The 99% believes rich people are crooks. The 1% believes rich people are ambitious.
The 99% believes building wealth is a solitary effort. The 1% believes building wealth is a team effort.
The 99% worry about money. The 1% dreams about money.
The 99% believes money is negative. The 1% believes money is positive.
The 99% believes rich people are shallow. The 1% believe rich people are strategic.
The 99% believes the road to riches is paved with formal education. The 1% believes the road to riches is paved with specific knowledge.
The 99% believes money is earned through labor. The 1% believes money is earned through thought.
The 99% worries about running out of money. The 1% thinks about how to make more money.
The 99% thinks about spending. The 1% thinks about investing.
The 99% sees money through the eyes of emotion. The 1% sees money through the eyes of logic.
The 99% underestimate the wealth building power of referral marketing. The 1% knows referral marketing creates millionaires.
The 99% focuses on pleasurable activities. The 1% focuses on money making activities.
The 99% sees money as a finite resource. The 1% see money as an infinite resource.
The 99% earns money doing things they don't like to do. The 1% get rich doing what they love.
The 99% believes rich people are ruthless. The 1% believes rich people are generous.
The 99% has a lottery mentality. The 1% has an action mentality.
The 99% is waiting to be rescued from financial mediocrity. The 1% knows no one is coming to the rescue.
The 99% believes rich people are smarter. The 1% believes rich people are more savvy.
The 99% sees money as controlling. The 1% sees money as liberating.
The 99% believes money changes people. The 1% believes money reveals people.
The 99% believes in working for money. The 1% believes in working for fulfillment.
The 99% believes you have to do something to get rich. The 1% believes you have to be something to get rich.
The 99% plays it safe with money. The 1% takes calculated risks.
The 99% believes you have to have money to make money. The 1% believes in using other people's money.
The 99% believes jobs are the safest way to earn money. The 1% believes outstanding performance is the safest way to earn money.
The 99% believes in financial scarcity. The 1% believes in financial abundance.
The 99% sees money as a weapon. The 1% sees money as a tool.
The 99% believes they aren't worthy of great wealth. The 1% believes they deserve to be rich.
The 99% denies the importance of money. The 1% knows money is a critical component of life.
The 99% believes money is their enemy. The 1% believes money is their friend.
The 99% waits for their ship to come in. The 1% builds their own ship.
The 99% believes financial markets are driven by logic an strategy. The 1% believes financial markets are driven by emotion and greed.
The 99% believes money is about status. The 1% believes money is about freedom.
The 99% lives beyond their means. The 1% lives below their means.
The 99% equates money with stress. The 1% equates money with piece of mind.
The 99% thinks small. The 1% thinks big.
The 99% believes people are out to get them. The 1% believes the universe is conspiring to help them.
The 99% believes their thinking is unrelated to their net worth. The 1% knows thinking is the catalyst of all results.
The 99% experiences good fortune and can't believe it. The 1% experiences good fortune and wonders what took so long.
The 99% believes the more money you earn, the more stress you experience. The 1% believes the more money you earn, the less stress you experience.
The 99% believes the more money you make, the more problems you will have. The 1% believes the more money you make, the fewer problems you will have.
The 99% believes the rich are obsessed with money. The 1% believes the rich are obsessed with success.
The 99% believes the rich are selfish and self-absorbed. The 1% believes the rich are selfish and self-absorbed.
The 99% dreams of having enough money to retire. The 1% dreams of having enough money to impact the world.
The 99% believes it's shrewd to be cynical. The 1% believes it's shrewd to be optimistic.
The 99% believes the rich should support the poor. The 1% believes in self-reliance.
The 99% sees the wealthy as oppressors. The 1% sees the wealthy as liberators.
The 99% believes getting rich is outside their control. The 1% knows getting rich is an inside job.
The 99% thinks the rich believe they are more intelligent. The 1% knows intelligence has little to do with getting rich.
The 99% associates with anyone. The 1% carefully monitors their associations.
The 99% embraces advanced degrees. The 1% embraces any form of education that makes them wealthier.
The 99% have loosely defined goals with flexible deadlines. The 1% have highly defined goals with do or die deadlines.
The 99% works as little as possible. The 1% works as smart as possible.
The 99% loves to be comfortable. The 1% is comfortable being uncomfortable.
The 99% is timid and scared. The 1% is aggressive and bold.
The 99% longs for the gold old days. The 1% dreams of the future.
The 99% plays not to lose. The 1% swings for the fences.
The 99% sets their financial expectation low so they're never disappointed. The 1% sets their financial expectations high so they're always excited.
The 99% has a financial windfall and worries about losing it. The 1% has a windfall and figures out how to leverage it.
The 99% is externally motivated to make money. The 1% internally motivated to make money.
The 99% suffers from lack consciousness. The 1% enjoy prosperity.
The 99% believes money will make them happier. The 1% knows that money has little to do with happiness.
The 99% believes people seek money for power. The 1% believes people seek money for control.
The 99% never makes the connection between money and health. The 1% knows money can save your life.
The 99% believes ambition is a sin. The 1% believes ambition is a virtue.
The 99% believes rich people are snobs. The 1% believes rich people are guarding their consciousness.
The 99% believes rich people are arrogant. The 1% believes rich people are confident.
The 99% believes self-made millionaires ha an unfair advantage. The 1% knows their advantage was hard work.
The 99% bases their beliefs about the rich on the minority. The 1% bases their beliefs about the rich on the majority.
The 99% believes they're missing something. The 1% knows it's beliefs that make the difference.
The 99% believes they lack desire. The 1% knows we all have everything we need to be rich.
The 99% believes they must choose between a great family life and being rich. The 1% knows they can have it all.
The 99% believes having a job gives them security. The 1% knows there's no such thing.
The 99% believes starting a business is risky. The 1% believes starting a business is the fastest road to wealth.
The 99% believes it's wrong for a small group of people to possess most of the money. The 1% welcomes the masses to join them.
The 99% believes wealth creates dysfunctional families. The 1% believes unearned wealth creates dysfunctional families.
The 99% believes money creates corruption. The 1% believes the lack of money creates corruption.
The 99% believes the rich are spiritually bankrupt. The 1% believes the rich are among the most spiritual people in society.
The 99% believes if they become wealthy, they will lose their friends. The 1% believes being wealthy will expand your network.
The 99% believes you have to sacrifice your health to get rich. The 1% believes being rich will make you healthier.
The 99% hands down their limited beliefs about money to their children. The 1% hands down their unlimited beliefs about money to their children.
The 99% teaches their children how to survive. The 1% teaches their children how to get rich.
The 99% teaches their kids about money by example. The 1% does the same thing.
The 99% teaches their kids how to save their pennies. The 1% teaches their kids how to invest their pennies.
The 99% encourages their kids to be nice and make friends. The 1% encourages their kids to be smart and build a network.
The 99% teaches their kids to be happy with what they have. The 1% teaches their kids how to go for their dreams.
The 99% minimizes the importance of money with their kids. The 1% teaches their kids the importance of money.
The 99% teaches their children the games of the masses. The 1% teaches their children the games of the wealthy.
The 99% doesn't believe in personal development of self help. The 1% believes they're the secret to getting rich.
The 99% doesn't connect travel with wealth. The 1% knows travel connects them with the wealthy.
The 99% has access to the social skills of the masses. The 1% has access to the social skills of the most refined among us.
The 99% would rather be entertained than educated. The 1% would rather be educated than entertained.
The 99% believes rich people are workaholics. The 1% knows millionaires have a ton of fun.
The 99% only focuses on money when they need it. The 1% focuses on money all the time. It's OK To Be Part Of The 1%

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