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About the new upgrade to Version 2.0 of the Free viral traffic generator

The new Version 2.0 of the Free viral traffic generator, now offers an awesome range of features that can help anyone who wants more visitors to their websites, affiliate sites, blogs, forums, groups, social sites etc.

The major updates in this Version 2.0 include:-

  • 1) Providing a new look and feel.
  • 2) Increased usability.
  • 3) Improved mobile device support to responsive design.
  • 4) A new landing page for affiliate marketers and website owners.
  • 5) A new directory for all reistered websites.
  • 6) Additional backlinks to registered websites.
  • 7) Improved social sharing options.
  • 8) Additional help and documentation.
  • 9) Improved help and documentation.
  • 10) Improved reporting and notifications.
  • 11) Additional traffic management options.
  • 12) Website split testing so you can test the results form different websites.
  • 13) Better for affiliate list building.

This Free viral traffic generator now has some awesome additional features to help make any website go viral increasing website views and generating viral traffic for FREE. Additional videos on how to make the maximum usage out of the Free viral traffic generator will be available shortly.

Do you need:-

  • To earn more money?
  • More visitors to your affiliate sites?
  • To monetize your website?
  • To start an online business?
  • Share your social site(s) - more likes / love?
  • Share your videos?
  • More visitors for your website(s)?
  • More customers?
  • More advertising?
  • More marketing?
  • Create or increase your email list?
  • Increase your product or business branding?
  • Market your off-line business?

Find out how you can do all this and more for FREE.

Because traffic is the key to success...

you need to get TRAFFIC / VISITORS to your offering to succeed. To this end we will start by looking at how to generate traffic for free and move on to how to generate an income, in our free business building course.

As PROFITS are linked to CUSTOMERS and customers are linked to TRAFFIC / VISITORS; the more traffic you have, the more PROFITS YOU CAN MAKE.


The video below shows how you can benefit by using the free viral traffic generator.

Click here to register for your FREE your viral self-promoting traffic generator

Website visitors are the KEY to success and making money on the Internet

The money making formula is:

Traffic + Conversion = Money

Yes you do need some products or services to sell, or some other benefit from your visitors but without visitors your website will not be of any benefit.

The biggest challenge however is how to economically get visitors.

While there are numerous methods of advertising and marketing, both on and off the Internet including some free advertising options not all are cost effective.

Free advertising does not mean that it is cost effective. The reason that most so called free advertising is not cost effective varies, but in general there is a very low response rate (often zero) and often a huge amount of competition and a substantial amount of ongoing work is required to use free advertising. The net result is that in general the rewards from most free advertising are not worth the effort and you would make more money flipping hamburgers. This is not to say that all free advertising should not be considered but you need to establish what is cost effective for your business.

Paid advertising has it´s own issues, obviously you need money to pay for advertising but also you need to ensure that you get sufficient benefit (profits) to make it cost effective.

What is cost effective advertising?

Advertising is only cost effective when it's use increases your net profit.

When marketing a given product or service you need to ensure that you end up with a net profit or other benefit or you will just fail (go bust).

In order to truly compare alternative methods of advertising (be they paid or free) you need to factor in any additional costs, including the cost of your time (after all time is money) otherwise your will not be making a fair comparison. The reason that most people fail is they spend hours, days, weeks or even months with little or no return. It is not just the advertising that can make or break you.

The key items required for success are:-

  • 1) Good product(s) or service(s)
  • 2) Cost effective advertising / marketing.
  • 3) * Good conversion (conversion of visitors into buyers).
  • 4) * Easy and reliable transaction processing.
  • 5) *Good order processing and delivery.
  • 6) * Good customer services

In general for affiliate marketers you just need to do items 1 & 2. I.e. Select good products / services to market and use cost effective marketing. While the other items are generally provided for affiliate marketers they can affect sales and therfore profits.

As profit margins are normally linked to the product or service value; generally the higher the item value the higher the profit and the more advertising can cost and still be cost effective.

So cost effective advertising is a vital KEY to success

Unless you use cost effective advertising you are going to fail.

Fact, it is very easy to go broke, unless you are using cost effective advertising.

Advertising & marketing costs overview

We are only able to provide a summary of some key advertising & marketing options here but have some more detailed information in our free course.

While advertising costs vary the average costs from a survey revealed:-

Type of advertisingCost per thousand
website views
CPC (PPC)$1240
CPM (CPV) adjusted for click through (1)$1221
Free search engine traffic (2)$0.00
Self-promoting traffic (3)$0.00
Free advertising (4)Varies
Word of mouth (5)Varies
Networking (6)0-$5000
Media (7)$160-$2000

CPC & CPM were provided by

CPC = Cost per click
PPC = Pay per click
CPM = Cost per thousand impressions
CPV = Cost per view

1) CPM (CPV) adjusted for click through is based on a CPM of $8.55 and a CTR of 0.7% giving a cost per thousand site visitors of $1240.00.
2) The major search engine does not charge for a free listing. There can however be a substantial amount of effort required to make optimise (SEO) a website to get a good search engine ranking.
3) self-promoting traffic is free. After setting up no or very additional little effort is required.
4) So called free advertising is rarely truly free and often requires a substantial amount of ongoing effort for the returns received. If you factor in the cost of your time, so called free advertising is rarely even cost effective.
5) Word of mouth can be effective but often requires a lot of time and effort selling yourself and your business. For small local businesses it can work well.
6) Both online (social) and offline networking can be cost effective but this is not always the case especially with offline networking.
7) Printed, audio and visual media pricing varies dramatically and needs to be considered on a case by case basis.

Advertising cost per item sold

The cost per thousand views (about $1.23 per website visitor) shown above is not whole story. This is just the cost of getting visitors to visit your website. You can expect that only a few percent of your visitors will actually buy, most can be expected to just look. The conversion rate from visitors to buyers does depend on a number of factors including what you are marketing and how good your site is at selling.

The conversion rate (visitors into buyers) is typically about 2%. The following table shows how the cost per sale varies with conversion rates from 2 to 10%. Please note the costs shown as ? are highly variable and are generally very expensive if your time is factored into account.

Type of advertisingAdvertising cost per
item sold for various
conversion rates
CPC (PPC)$60.00$24.00$12.00
CPM (CPV) adjusted for click through$61.05$24.60$12.21
Search engine traffic (free listing)$0.00$0.00$0.00
Self-promoting traffic$0.00$0.00$0.00
Free advertising???
Word of mouth???

From the figures above you can see why so many people go broke using paid advertising, especially with lower value products. It is all in the mathematics, sorry but it is true.

So what is the solution?

  • Focus your marketing efforts on the most cost effective advertising & marketing options.
  • Integrate a number of advertising methods where this can provide a more effective overall solution.
  • Keep improving your advertising and marketing.
  • Track your advertising & marketing costs.

Using a combination of methods will generally provide better results. If an advertising method is costing money to run and it is not cost effective then stop using it before you go broke.

Search engines (free listings)

This is a must do if you have a website. However there are some things to take into account. Unless you spend the time and effort to do the SEO (Search engine optimization), or get someone else to do it for you, you are unlikly to get much traffic from free search engine listings. In competitive areas you may need to do a lot of work to get good rankings and traffic.

Self-promoting traffic

This is a new way to generate a progressively increasing stream of visitors to your website using viral traffic building techniques. A key advantage of this system is not only is it free to use but it will continue to drive traffic to your website over time. This system can be used in conjunction with most other advertising methods to increase the total amount of traffic.

Word of mouth and networking

While word of mouth is worth including in your list of marketing techniques it is more applicable to local than global marketing. Some networking groups are just not cost effective due to the high prices membership and meeting charges and the investment in time is often not worth the effort.

Pay per click and pay per view

With any paid advertising you need to ensure that it is going to be cost effective. As a quick test look at the cost of getting the visitor to your website and the conversion rate from visitors to buyers.

Media advertising

A quick test you can use is to divide the advert cost by the advert views or circulation to compare various options. While the cost per view is a good starting point also consider how well the circulation matches your target audience.

Social and business networking

There are numerous social and business networking sites that are worth registering on. To get the maximum out of these it is normally necessary to spend time and effort to get a reasonable amount of traffic to your website.

The bottom line

If what you are doing is NOT PROFITABLE it will NOT be SUSTAINABLE.

It is vital to have / select suitable products or services to market and use cost effective advertising and marketing.

Super markets have the following primary aims:-

  • 1) Attract new visitors.
  • 2) Convert visitors into customers.
  • 3) Increase the basket value.
  • 4) Increase repeat business.

Your business is very similar, if you can offer multiple items this can increase your basket value and by supplying good products you can more easily get repeat business.

List building

Building a contact list is one of the best ways to market additional products or services to other interested parties.

We cover how to build lists in our free business building course that is available to registered users.

Where to start?

The best place to start is to register and set up your website with the self-promoting traffic system. Not only is this FREE viral marketing system very cost effective to set up and use, you can also increase your website visitors from other forms of advertising / marketing when used in conjunction with the self-promoting traffic system. We also have a free step by step course of advertising and marketing tips to help users of the self-promoting traffic system. Click here or on the button below to set up your website.

Click here to register for your FREE your viral self-promoting traffic generator

Why is this FREE?

Why this is free is probably best summed up in the following quote.

'You can get everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.'

Click here to register for your FREE your viral self-promoting traffic generator

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