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Firstly we NEVER send spam mail. We only communicate with people who have registered to use this system and have agreed to comply with our terms and conditions which includes receiving system messages and a periodic newsletter and training material.

If you are a registered user and wish to change which emails you receive please click here to visit your members area.

Please report anyone linking to this site in spam mail

We want to ensure that this system is only used by legitimate, responsible users

This Free Viral Traffic Generator works by helping legitimate registered users get more free traffic to their website(s). It works by providing registered users with a Self-promoting link that links to a personalised registration page on this website, that they can share to get potentially huge amounts of free traffic. We provide a number of legitimate suggestions of where and how they can share their Self-promoting link(s) and warn them against any SPAMMING.

We have a strict policy when it comes to anyone including their Self-promoting link(s) or any link to this site in any spam mail or using any other spamming techniques. Only legitimate sharing is allowed. Our Terms and Conditions of use of this free viral marketing system clearly states that spamming is not allowed and anyone proved to be spamming will banned.

If you receive a link to this site in any spam mail please let us know

Our registered users may share links to this site to help promote their site(s) but MAY NOT include any link to this site in any spam mail / spam communication

If you receive a spam email / communication including a link to this site, sent by anyone we will help you to stop this from happening in future, not only to you but to others, but we need your help to stop them violating our terms of use.

We provide information to all users of the Free Viral Traffic Generator system explaining how they can ethically get more free traffic to their website(s) and warn them NEVER to use spam mail / spam communications. If anyone violates our terms and conditions we will terminate their benefits by de-activating their free traffic.

Please note, when we receive a spam report including the spam email linking to our website and the email address of the sender we will contact the sender and instruct them to stop sending spam mail and terminate spammers account. We (like anyone else or organisation) however do not have any control over emails that the spammer may send, we can only stop any future benefits they could get from using this free viral marketing system.

It is important to note that many spammers use fake (or someone else´s) email address when sending spam emails so it is not always the case that spam emails are sent from the email account of the sender (who can be entirely innocent).

Step 1 - Unsubscribe

If there is an unsubscribe option in the communication please use it to unsubscribe from any future communications from the sender. The sender should then stop any further communications to you.

Note normally anyone who includes an unsubscribe option may have had your permission to send you communications at some time. They are not a spammer if they had your permission, so please just unsubscribe if you do not want to receive and further communications from them.

If the communication does not include a method to unsubscribe, please forward the email to who can take action to stop the spammer.

Step 2 - Inform us

If you receive a link to this site in any spam communication please use the form below to report it so we can take action against the spammer.

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While we hope that the information has been of help to you; we appreciate that everyone´s requirements are different and invite you to view our Frequently asked questions or contact us if you have questions about this website.

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