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Privacy Notice Under the EU GDPR


Personal data

This site only requests and saves the minimum amount of personal information required to operate the website and provide information to users. The information saved is dependent on the type of user and user interactions.

  • 1) For anonomous users we do not save any personal information.
  • 2) For anyone contacting us via our Contact us form, we collect a firstname, email address, contact telephone number (in some cases this is optional), the users IP address, in addition to any information included by the user. Where a response is required to a query we will respond to the query. Unless a user specifically includes additional personal information in the message fields, we do not know the full name or precise location of any user.
  • 3) For users who register as a member to promote some business business activity or for personal use we will collect the minimum amount of information required to manage the membership for the registration requested and provide curtious communications with them. This will include the users firstname, email address and IP address from which their approximate location can be established. For specific types of membership additional information may be requested / required and saved including:-
    • 3.1 Where an age restriction applies to membership; we will also request the year and month of the applicant so that we can ensure that under age users are not provided access until at a legal age. Where this is done users will be required to confirm via the use of a confirmation link in the menbership confirmation email that the information provided is correct and that they take responsibility for their declaration.
    • 3.2 Where a registration relates to the promotion of one or more websites including affiliate links; the website address, a title, a description and other related information may be requested and stored.
    • 3.3 Where a user requests to be a website member the registration date and / or the last login date may be recorded with the IP address used when the user registered or last logged in may also be recorded.
    • 3.4 In cases where payments are paid directly to a website member via an affiliate link or into a an online account such as a Paypal account we will hold the information required to direct the payment to the members account however the actual transfers will be done via the external provider´s secure server. For security reasons we do not hold website members account log in details.
    Unless a user specifically includes additional personal information in one of the input fields, we do not know the full name or precise location of any user.

We do not sell or share Personal data with other parties.

Note, where I website is embedded or linked to on this website the Personal data statement / usage from the embedded or linked website must be referred to for their Personal data. We do not control the usage of Personal data by other websites and all liabilities for any external websites remain with the website owners.

Membership removal

Users can remove their membership registration and all their personal information by using the unsubscribe facility. Personal information is not however removed where an order is placed where records are required to be kept for acounting purposes and proof or purchase or other transactional information.

Please note, for Joint Venture Partners, we are required to retain some information for a period of time as this relates to order processing. A Joint Venture Partner can however request that they do not receive any communications that are not related to business activities.

Visitor activity

This website, like most websites today, use statistics to help improve the website design and user experience; including how many page views a particular page has. These statistics do not include the name or other details of the particular user and just allow us to know how many page views a particular page receives. In some cases we also use external tracking pixels provided by companies like Google and Facebook etcetera to provide additional information such as the number of visitors from a particular country however we do not know who a particular individual is from this information. Please refer to Google and Facebook for more information on their tracking pixels.

In order to be GDPR complient we do not currently record or use tracking pixels for any visitor unless they become a member or place and order with the exception of anonymous page views.


When anyone places an order / request for information we are required by law to maintain records of the transaction. We do not however process order payments on this site but use secure servers provided by third parties such as Paypal.


When anyone requests to become a member of this website or as a Joint Venture Partner we request their first name, email address and in some cases their contact telephone number. We do not currently request their full name or exact physical location.

GDPR contact

In the event of a query please contact the website master using the contact us form.

More information

If there is any additional information that you need or feel is required please contact us.

While we hope that the information has been of help to you; we appreciate that everyone´s requirements are different and invite you to view our Frequently asked questions or contact us if you have questions about this website.

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