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Affiliate marketing products to sell

There are thousands of affiliate products you can sell however selecting the best products to make money depends on a number of factors.

There are the primary factors you should consider:-

  • 1) Select something you are interested in of have knowledge of. This is not a requirement but it is normally easier to sell something you know about. If you marketing something you know about, you will know more about the products, who will want to buy and where you can find buyers. It is possible to market something you know nothing about by doing some research.
  • 2) Select a product that will return you a reasonable profit. Products with a recurring monthly/annual income are normally good especially where these have a long average subscription period. This is typically found where a business / person depends on a service like web hosting or email auto responders.
  • 3) Ensure that there is sufficient demand. While you can sell just about anything online, somethings are easier than others.
  • 4) Avoid high competition products. If there is a very high sales competition for a product, you will probably find it difficult to compete with other more established sellers. This is not to say it cannot be done, just that you will probably find that paid advertising costs are higher and search engine competion is also high so getting a high ranking is more difficult.
  • 5) Do a test to find out what the ROI (Return On Investment) is. The ROI be must be sufficient to ensure that continued marketing is worth while. Some adjustments in your marketing can be used to increase traffic / leads / conversions can make a significant difference to your ROI, so do a few tests to ensure that you have done all you can to inprove your ROI before just giving up.
  • 6) If you do have some competion see what they are doing and consider doing something similar. The top Internet marketers will have tested or be testing what works the best so keep an eye on what they are doing.
  • 7) The money is in the list. Most internet marketers do not just sell one product but sell a series of products. Some / most successful Internet marketers do not even break even on the initial sale but only break even after sending a few additional offers to their list. Have you every walked into a shop that only sells a single product? Most shops sell multiple products for a number of reasons including:-
    • Increasing the number of customers by offering a wider range of products.
    • Increasing the cart checkout value.
    • Providing shoppers more options
  • 8) Quality products. Ensure that you select quality products or services to sell. If you do not market quality products or services you will probably get a bad reputation and refund requests.
  • Do you get commissions on back end sales? Many / most affiliate programs only offer you a commission on your initial product sale and sometimes additional up sells / down sells. Many affiliates do not however anything on follow up sales. Even big companies like Amazon do not pay a commission if a buyer does not buy in the same session. So if they use your affiliate link to a product and buy you get a commission but if they do not buy immediatly you will probably not get anything.

Affiliate marketing programs

Affiliate marketing programs include more than just one or more affiliate products / services. Generally an affiliate marketing program will include the sale of multiple products or/and services, landing page(s), thank you page(s) and a follow up sequence. There are not so many of these but can help a newbie to get started and develop. Like normal affiliate marketing you need to market to the the correct demographic to get good results.

Top affiliate marketing program sites

If you are new to Internet marketing or want to add an additional income stream(s) to your earnings, we suggest that you use a system that is ready for you to use within minutes. You will obviously need to register, add your payment details so you can get paid and if creating a list link to it.

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