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  • What if you are only thinking of starting a business?

  • Starting a new business.

  • Promoting your business or personal information.

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    Starting a business.

    Things to consider when starting a new business include:
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    Deciding what type of business to start.

    You need to start with one or more ideas. If you do not have an existing idea, you can start with:

    Will it be viable?

    Once you have one of more ideas for starting a business, ensure it will protentially be viable: Finances
    It does not matter if you have some capital or have nothing, being frugal is important. There is always a risk in starting a new business, however if you start with a good idea and are smart your changes of success are higher.

    Other issues
    There are numerous other issues you need to consider and it is best to start by getting a book in your local country as there are some regional issues that will need to be considered.

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    The following information is primarily intended to help you to promote / market / advertise your business or personal information on the web using either a website or blog.

    This can be used for any type of online or offline business including, multi level marketing (mlm), affiliate marketing programs, sole traders, small business, small medium enterprises as well as larger businesses.

    The key is to use an internet marketing strategy, that will provide marketing and advertising techniques to generate a combination of free traffic and targeted traffic to your site.

    We will look at a range of internet marketing tools including paid advertising, free advertising, free ads, free classified ads and other internet marketing tools and advertising.

    Your current situation and goals, will to some degree affect the most appropriate section(s) of this document to meet your current needs.

    The index below will help to navigate directly to the most appropriate section(s), that will help you in your quest for free advertising / marketing / promotion, alternatively you can scroll down the page and review the various sections.


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    If you are currently only thinking about starting a new business, click here for a few tips you may like to consider about selecting your business and setting it up.

    TIP: If you are about to set up a business, you can register, either an existing or new, website / blog with the Enhanced Marketing System so that you can start building up traffic. When your new business is ready, if you have a different website or blog dedicated to your new business, you can get the EMS system to direct your traffic to your new business web page.

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    Advertising is important if you want to promote your opinions or business, ensuring it is cost effective is vital.

    Cost effective advertsing

    Advertising is important if you want to promote your opinions or business, ensuring it is cost effective is vital.

    Advertising costs

    The more cost effective your advertising is, the more profits a business can make. When evaluating how cost effective a particular advertising strategy is, you need you consider your time and the cost of the actual advertising and it's benefits (accociated profits).

    Some advertising requires ongoing effort or resources, typically time or money; while other advertising requires some initial setup and will then run automatically with very liitle or no additional effort.

    In some cases things are not black and white; for some registering a website on a search engine is a one time event, while others will spend thousands a month on an ongoing search engine optimisation program. Search engine optimisation and registration via third parties costs money or if you do it yourself it takes up your time.

    The Enhanced Marketing System (EMS) is a great way to market your website or blog for free, after the initial set up it will run automatically, providing an progressively increasing stream of visitors.

    Free advertising, is rarely FREE

    In general there are serious disadvantages with most so called FREE advertising systems, there are exceptions like Search engines, the Enhanced Marketing System (EMS) and most Directories.

    Some of the key disadvantages of other so called FREE advertising include:
    • Free for all (FFA) - will often result in thousands of emails per day into your inbox.

    • Free advertising sites - Often require frequent reposting.

    • Bulletin boards - Postings are only generally on the first page for a few hours / minutes.

    • Links - Most of these are not worth it, due to the time required to set them up and low benefits.

    • Exchange visitors (2 for 1) - The time it takes you to visit 2000 websites to get 1000 visitors to your website is not worth is.

    Text adverts and internet marketing

    There are numerous places where you can place simple free ads; typically these include various free advertising websites, bulletin boards, advertising forums etc.

    In general your free advert will be competing with thousands or even millions of other advertisers.

    While these can be of benefit there is often a limited amount of space available to say what you would like to in simple text ads and in general these will only be visible on the first page for a few hours.

    One of the key benefits of this type of free advertising for business promotion is to get people to visit your website where they can learn more.

    The cost of free advertising is generally in the time spent posting and reposting these free adverts. Some sites will provide you with better results than others so it is worth experimenting a bit to find out what works for you.

    Using a web page or blog for internet marketing

    Firsly, plain text adverts are no match for a well formatted HTML formatted advert which can provide a more professional impression to your visitors and potential customers.

    You can create simple HTML formatted documents on free websites and blogs.

    For individuals, part time workers, small businesses and Small Medium Enterprises (SME) this may be sufficient to create a great advert.

    Most of the free web pages, that you can create on a free web site or blog, have limited formatting and other facilities and generally include additional information and advertising by the host, that can detract visitors from your primary objectives.

    Having your own website, where you have full control is obviously the best option, and allows you to focus your content, on your opinions or business.

    If you are a part time worker, sole trader you may find that a free website or blog is sufficient, for bigger business having a website is recommended.

    Another issue to consider is eCommerce, if you need to receive or make payments via your web site you will need to ensure that you have the required facilities to do this.

    Paid advertising

    While paid advertising can be cost effective, you need to ensure that the income generated is generally significantly more than the cost of the advertising. You should monitor the response and profit gained from all paid advertising, so you can establish how cost effective it is. If it is not cost effective stop it.

    Some typical paid advertising includes:
    • Pay per click (PPC).

    • Adwords.

    • Banner adverts.

    • Adverts in printed media - Papers Magazines etc.

    • Paid links.

    • Paid directories.

    • Google Adwords.

    • Paid listings.

    • Search engines, with ongoing search engine optimisation.

    • Paid adverts or in ebooks or other publications.

    Genuine Free advertising

    While these options may require some registration or set up, once they are set up they will generally run fully automatically helping to promote your business.
    • Search engines, with no ongoing search engine optimisation.

    • Online directories.

    • Enhanced Marketing System (EMS).

    • Email and forum, signatures / sign offs.

    Enhanced Marketing System (EMS)

    The EMS system has a number of benefits including directing free traffic to your web site or blog. This system is ideal for helping you to promote your opinions / information or business. The EMS free marketing system is just that and will help to increase your visitors numbers progressively. Click here to market your website or blog using the Enhanced Marketing System (EMS).

    Summing up internet marketing

    Every individual or business should have a website or blog to advertise / promote their opinions or business. You do not need to be limited to just one, you can have a few. Having a few is one of the methods that many business people use, to do cross marketing when you have more than one thing they wish to promote. There are some marketing strategies that can help to make this process more efficient. These marketing strategies are available to registered EMS users.

    eod; $html_ .=''.GetHeading('What to do if you do not have a website or blog yet?'); $html_ .=<<

    Setting up a website or blog.

    There are a number of options available including:
    • Free websites.

    • Free blogs.

    • Standard websites some with eCommerce facilities.

    • Custom designed websites optionally with eCommerce facilities.

    If you are on a very tight business budget or would like to set up a personal website or blog you could use one of the free options. While this may not give the best business image it may help you to get started and when the business starts to take off you can invest in your own website. The free websites and blogs may not allow you to include eCommerce facilities to take payments but can provide information about your products, services and information.

    Many free websites and blogs do not require you to know anything about programming, just a basic knowledge of word processing to set them up.

    Start with a Website or blog.

    If you have not got a website or blog, this is the place to start. Even if you intend to create a website, a blog is a good place to start, it is easy and even if you later set up your own website you can include a link on your blog to direct people to your new website. You do not need any previous web development skills to set up a blog at MySpace.

    The one thing you do need is an email address to register for just about anything on the web. You can set up a free email account here. On the website click on the Free mail: Sign Up.

    When you have an email account you can register for a free blog. An easy option is MySpace.

    Click here to create a MySpace blog at

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    It is true that promotion requires resources, this can be time or money but generally a combination of the two. In the final analysis time is money, while you are doing marketing it is taking you away from other income generating activities so even your time is costing you money.

    The key is too look at the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. Firstly you need to consider how much the advertising is costing and then how much business profit it generates. It is simple, if and advert is not paying for itself then stop it. Note, it is not always so simple to establish exactly how profit you receive from an advert as you may only receive some of the benefits after a month or two.

    The best value for money advertising, it is the advertising that creates the maximum profit for the advertising cost. FREE adverising is rarely FREE. The reason for this is that it generally has a number of disadvantages, however there are some very good options that you can use. One of the best options is the EMS system, the reason for this is that it does not take long to set up and will then run automatically promoting your business. As the use of the EMS system is FREE it is a fantastic way to promote your business.

    Click here to get FREE traffic to your web site or blog

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    FREE traffic and FREE Internet marketing

    In the online world, traffic is king, traffic is valuable, traffic equals GOLD.

    For businesses traffic equals potential customers, and customers equals money.

    For personal websites or blogs traffic allows others to find out what you have to say.

    The advantages of using the FREE EMS online internet marketing tool for marketing and advertising include:
    • FREE traffic = New visitors = New customers.

    • FREE marketing and advertising.

    • Increased web site populatity.

    • Improved web site page ranking.

    • New links to your web site.

    What type of businesses or enterprise is the EMS FREE internet marketing tool, suitable for?

    • Part time traders.

    • Start up businesses.

    • Small Medium Enterprises (SME).

    • Larger businesses.

    • Multi level marketers (MLM).

    • Affiliate marketers.

    • Charities.

    • Clubs or groups.

    • Private individuals who would like to promote their information.

    • etc.

    The EMS FREE internet marketing tool has been designed to drive free traffic to your business or personnal web site or blog. As the web traffic sent to your web site or blog gains momentum it will progressively save you more money on alternative forms of offline / online advertising and internet marketing.

    Click here to get FREE traffic to your web site or blog

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